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This page is a place for writing down ideas and proposals for using Node.IT products in Home Automation

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There is some information already in our forums from some really smart people.

Ideas for a distributed control unit

This idea comes from my own personal need for an easy way to control different things around my home. In the most basic form this unit is not intended to be a part of a bigger system, but of course with the proper software it could be.

My idea is to have a simple box with a schucko feed through making it possible to hook up standard things like lamps, radiators, toaster etc. Fortunately at Electronic Sweet Peas we already have a supplier that has this kind of box. This is a picture from our supplier Altinkaya, a Turkish plastic manufacturer.


This box will allow me to mount a custom made Node.IT WorkStation board that holds one or possibly two Node.IT stacks as well as a solid state relay to control what ever I need.

More information to come.