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The Node.IT family of boards is built around the ESP8266 WiFi micro controller. Around it we have built a number of extremely small expansion boards, we call 'em +One modules, and they will allow you to create exciting IoT applications in no time.

Project Supporters

The following people were instrumental to our successful Kickstarter campaign and we'd like to mention them here and say thank you for your support.

Miguel Fayos Karoli
Jason Feel Three
Carl H. Blomqvist Jake Villarreal
Hans Månsson Stefan Nilsson
Joel Parker Henderson Alec Kristi
zrei Sembian
Jan Sebastian Plamauer
Peter Lerup


A more comprehensive description of the Node.IT concept.

The controller modules

Esp-210-1-iso.png ESP320 - ESP32 based WiFi/Bluetooth processor module
An ESP32 based processor board, with 16Mbyte FLASH, 520KByte SRAM and a USB interface on just 27.5 x 17.8 mm's
Esp-210-1-iso.png ESP210 - ESP8266 based WiFi processor module
An ESP8266 processor board, with 4Mbyte FLASH and USB interface on just 27.5 x 17.8 mm's
Espd21-iso1-1024.JPG ESPD21 - An Atmel SAMD21 Cortex-M0 based module
An SAMD21 based processor module with 256KByte FLASH, 32KByte RAM, USB interface on 25.5 x 17.8 mm

The stackable +One modules

BatOne-2-iso.png BatOne - Li Ion battery charger and DC buck regulator
Want to run your system on Li Ion batteries ? Then this is the +One module for you
EnvironOne-2-iso.png EnvironOne - Light, Humidity, Temperature and barometric pressure all in one
This +One module comes with an OPT3001 and a BME280 sensor. Perfect for room monitoring
Io4One-1-iso.png Io4One - 4 GPIO lines
This +One gives you an additional 4 GPIO lines. All are programmable to input or output and can generate an interrupt.
Adc4One-1-iso.png Adc4One - 4 channels 12/16-bit Analog Inputs
In need of more analog inputs ? This module adds 4 12 bit analog inputs to your system.
RtcOne-1-iso.png RtcOne - Battery backed up Real Time Clock
This is a pretty standard RTC module but it comes with a 64-bit unique ID that you can use to identify your system.
Fet4one-iso1-900.JPG FET4One - 4 channel MOSFET driver board
This is a simple 4 channel MOSFET board that can be used to drive simple motors, relays etc.
Sdone.png SdOne - SD Card reader
Connects an SD card to your system. This module contains an SD card socket that connects to the SPI interface of the Node.IT stack controller.
ProtoOne-iso1-825.png ProtoOne - Simple prototype module
A +One module that can be used to build you own designs. Stacks like all other +One modules and comes with a 6-pin JST +One expansion connector.

Under Development
10DOFOne-0.1-overview.png 10DOFOne - A 10 degrees of freedom board
A state of the art 10 degrees of freedom module designed for the Node.IT stack.
Question-mark-stockimage.jpg MotorOne - Addressable 2 channel Motor Driver
A 2 channel DC motor driver that can drive two DC motors or one stepper motor.
Question-mark-stockimage.jpg GprsOne - GPRS modem module
A GPRS modem module that will allow your system to connect to any GPRS network in the world.
BlueOne-overview.png BlueOne - BLE Bluetooth module

The Workstation boards

Workstation-1-iso.png Workstation40 - 40 pin DIP base board for the ESP210 module
This base board looks like a 40 pin DIP micro controller and gives you extra digital and analog functions.


An example on how a few Node.IT boards can be used to monitor the environment of a room.