10DOFOne - A 10 degrees of freedom board

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This board is still under development


The 10DOFOne module is an inertial measurement unit (ICU) that extends your Node.IT stack with an array of sensors allowing true 10 degrees of freedom (DOF) detection. The module is equipped with two state of the art sensors from Bosch Sensortech giving you very high precision detection of all axis. The sensors are BMX055 and BMP280 which are also commonly find in high end smart phones and in this application can be used to position your Node.IT stack very accurately.

The Board


Both sensors are connected to the Node.IT stack through a standard I2C interface allowing a stack controller board, the ESP210 for instance, to easily access sensor data. For advanced users we have also broken out the interrupt signals from the BMX055 device allowing advanced users to react on sensor interrupts.

Some quick data of the module:

Features Data
Acceleration ranges ±2g / ±4g / ± 8g / ± 15g
Integrated acceleration FIFO 32 frames
Gyroscopic ranges ±125°/s - ±2000°/s
Integrated gyro FIFO 100 frames
Magnetometric functionality 1300uT (x, y axis) / ±2500uT (z axis)
Pressure range 300 - 1199 hPa (Equivalent to -500m to +9000m relative to sea level)


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